About sale of Kyushu Tourism Support Tour ticket

Due to the impact of the earthquake with Kumamoto · Oita as the epicenter, over 700,000 stay canceled in Kyushu as a whole. Therefore, the government established a budget of 18 billion yen for the early recovery of the tourism industry in Kyushu and established a discounted travel plan subsidy program for Kyushu tourism support “. I decided to issue “Kyushu Tourism Support Travel Ticket” which will make traveling a maximum 70% discount.

Discounted travel plan subsidy system for Kyushu sightseeing support

◯Details of Kyushu Tourism Assistance Tour Travel Ticket Release Date / Purchase Method etc.

“Kyushu Tourism Support Travel Ticket” is a subsidy for traveling travel expenses (accommodation expenses, etc.) of tourists to Kyushu and can be purchased and used through travel agencies and accommodation reservation sites.

As of June 9, information on “Kyushu Tourism Support Travel Ticket” is as follows. Although details of the release date have not been announced, it is said that it will also be on sale in early July.


July-September Average 50% Up to 70%
October-December Average 25% Up to 50%

◯Fukuoka prefecture, Saga prefecture, Nagasaki prefecture, Miyazaki prefecture, Kagoshima prefecture

July-September Average 25% Up to 50%
October-December Average 10% Up to 40%

The discount limit per person is set to 20,000 yen per reservation in the case of accommodation only plan, 20,000 yen in case of 2 nights and 30,000 yen in case of over 2 nights and 3 days. In addition, in the case of a round plan for more than two prefectures in Kyushu, up to 3,000 yen for 3 nights or more for 2 nights. Purchasing methods can be purchased at coupons of major accommodation reservation sites like the last year’s Furusatomi coupon, terminals installed at convenience stores, windows of travel agencies, etc. The budget amount is 18 billion yen, we expect sales of travel plans for 1.5 million travelers from domestic and foreign countries.

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