Start selling natural water

Hosenji Onsen Hotels Association has started selling natural water named “Hotaru-no-Shizuku (Drops of Fireflies)” and “Hotaru-no-Awa-Shizuku (Bubble Drops of Fireflies).” The former (Hotaru-no-Shizuku) is natural water rich in minerals. The price is 110 yen for one 500ml bottle. Because the water is rich in silica, one of minerals, this can help you keep your health and beauty. The latter (Hotaru-no-Awa-Shizuku) is soda water, 110 yen for one 500ml bottle. The characteristics of the water are excellent foaming property and smooth taste in the throat. If you mix this water with liquor, the taste becomes milder. Of course, this water itself is good taste. Both items (“Hotaru-no-Shizuku” and “Hotaru-no-Awa-Shizuku”) sell not only by a bottle but also by a case. One case includes 24 500ml-bottles and costs 2400 yen. Now, these are sold at hotels or shops which are members of Hosenji Onsen Hotels Association. water_hoshi

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