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In Kokonoe town, the bundle of coupons called “Kokonoe-Skip” is available on sale. One bundle consists of three coupons. If you use coupons with benefits such as discounts, you experience good value trial-programs we recommend. Please cut off coupons from the bundle and pass the necessary numbers of coupons for each trial-program. Trial programs include sky observation, horse riding, picking pears or apples. Also, you can enjoy dishes, taking advantage of fresh foods of Kokonoe town, with special benefits. You can buy “Kokonoe-Skip” at eight places in Kokonoe town, for example, “Sato-no-eki Furusato-kan,” and “Kokonoe Yamanami Pasture.” (※“Kokonoe-Skip” is valid for about one year from the issued date.)
ここのえ すきっぷ

Experience grilling ”YAMAME” fish(cherry trouts) with salt

Store Name ⒶTanabe
address Ⓐ3684, Machida, Kokonoe-machi Kusu-gun, Oita, 879-4723, Japan
Ⓑ953, Tano, Kokonoe-machi Kusu-gun, Oita, 879-4911, Japan
Availability period Except holidays in May(“Golden Week”), August, and November
Except from the last Sunday of October to the last Sunday of November
Regular holiday ⒶTuesday
ⒷNo fixed holiday
Reservation Required
※ⒶIn winter, sometimes we cannot accept a reservation. We will accept negotiations with a large group of guests.

➁Experience skiing and snowboarding

The place name Kokonoe-Skiing area
address Ⓒ612-1, Yutsubo, Kokonoe-machi Kusu-gun, Oita, 879-4912, Japan
TEL 0973-79-2200
Availability period December~The end of March
Regular holiday No regular holiday(as for from April to November Tuesday a regular holiday)
Reservation Required
※You can enjoy nature dynamically in the greatest ski resort in Kyushu. After skiing or snowboarding, hot springs are waiting for you! In the off-season one coupon enable two persons to go to the mountaintop by ski lift.

➂Experience picking pears or apples

The place name ⒹFrusato-Farm
address Ⓓ3477, Matsugi, Kokonoe-machi Kusu-gun, Oita, 879-4632, Japan
Ⓔ3442, Matsugi, Kokonoe-machi Kusu-gun, Oita, 879-4632, Japan
Ⓕ3247-39, Matsugi, Kokonoe-machi Kusu-gun, Oita, 879-4632, Japan
TEL Ⓓ0973-76-3296
Availability period ⒹPears: in September/Apples: From November 10 to December 10 ⒺAugust~The middle of October
Regular holiday ⒹⒺno holiday
Ⓕoff if it rains hard
Reservation Required

➃Experience sky observation

Store name incorporated nonprofit organization “Kokonoe dream creation institute”
address 1551, Tano, Kokonoe-machi Kusu-gun, Oita, 879-4911, Japan
TEL 0973-73-3522
Availability period Spring/Fall PM7:00~
The minimum accomplishment staff four or more persons
Reservation Required
※At Yamanami Ranch, you can experience sky observation and learn mysterious stories about the universe and constellations. If you are lucky, you can see the shooting star. If you bring your camera and tripod, you can learn how to take pictures on stars.

➄Experience carving a chicken

The place name Handling of chicken experience
Address 321, Tano, Kokonoe-machi Kusu-gun, Oita, 879-4911, Japan
TEL 0973-79-0123
Availability period Whole year (only as for the duck, the winter season: From October to March)
Regular holiday The busy season for farmers
Reservation Reservation (former more than one week) required
※At first, you catch an appetizing chicken with health. It is a good opportunity for you to see the living chicken.

➅Experience art appreciation in nature

The place name The art forest of Kyushu
address 1712-707, Tano, Kokonoe-machi Kusu-gun, Oita, 879-4911, Japan
Opening of a store time 10:00~17:00
TEL 0973-73-3812
Availability period< Whole year
Regular holiday Always without holiday
Reservation Required
※On an outdoor permanent stage, musical preferences are conducted from August to November, and the art festivals are held in May and November, when Takaaki Enoki comes here.

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