A place that is tasty, fun, and gives everyone energies. That is Kyushu. Even now after the earthquake, there are many Kyushu who are still healthy, but there are successive cancellations of travels throughout Kyushu. Well, everyone, will you travel this summer in Kyushu? Your journey will definitely lead to a process of recovery. “Kyushu Tourism Discount” is a discount system that anyone can travel with great deal. You can apply easily by “Travel reservation site” “Window of travel agency” etc. Well then this summer, in Kyushu with you, first of all, pre-sales on July 1st on the domestic internet travel reservation site start! Sales at the travel agency window will start selling sequentially as products become available!

  Kyushu Tourism Discount

With a great travel plan called “Kyushu Tourism Discount”, I will support your sightseeing in Kyushu. First of all, the following discount travel plan will be sold for people staying during summer vacation period from July to September.

  • Up to 70% discount (Kumamoto · Oita)
  • Up to 50% discount (Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Miyazaki, Kagoshima)

  Kyushu Tourism DiscountHow to apply


➀Apply at the Internet booking reservation site! Please apply at each internet-based travel company.

➁Apply at the window of a travel agency! (As products become available, it will be sold sequentially)

➂Purchase discount accommodation voucher (coupon)! (Partial prefectural implementation only)



  • Accommodation trip within Kyushu
  • Trapped accommodation trip to Kyushu
  • Day Trip to Kyushu

※Because the project utilizing the grant of the country, sales will end as soon as the amount handled reaches the upper limit.


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